Opportunity Now Colorado

Grant Program

Apply for Opportunity Now Colorado – an $85 million grant program catalyzing transformative change for Colorado’s workforce.

HB22-1350 Grant Program funded through the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT)

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We are taking a bold new approach to workforce development in our state to meet Coloradans where they’re at in their lives.

Governor Jared Polis

Opportunity Now is providing $85 million to implement and scale talent development initiatives across the state of Colorado.

Program Goals


Meet key talent needs in regions throughout all of Colorado


Incentivize collaboration between education and industry


Match Coloradans with in-demand jobs that pay living wages

Opportunity Now catalyzes regional industry and education collaboration to unlock economic mobility for Coloradans.

Two bubbles, one representing Industry and one representing Education. The Industry bubble includes Corporations, Public Sector, and Small Businesses. The Education bubble includes Workforce, K-12, and Higher Ed. “Opportunity Now Applicants” is the space between the two bubbles.

Employers have a need to increase their workforce in hard-to-fill, critical positions and create more pipelines for living wage careers

Deep regional partnerships are necessary to create ecosystems of talent that meet industry needs

Education & training providers are critical to building tomorrow’s workforce and creating pathways to in-demand career opportunities for learners 

Opportunity Now’s $85m in grants are designed for organizations and partnerships at various stages of development, from early-stage pilot programs to established, evidence-based programs.


$400K – 600K total


$18MM – $22MM total


$25MM – $30MM total

Opportunity Now seeks innovative and proven programs and models that support Colorado’s employers and workforce create greater economic mobility.

Three Pillars of a
Strong Program

A strong application stems from a strong program model. Every program should cover these key elements and our guides show you how.

Three Pillars of a Strong Program

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